Getting into the Positive Mindset

Hello everyone!

In honor of this site being focused on positivity, I figured it would be appropriate to talk about how to start building a positive mindset. I have to be honest and say that it is something that I am constantly working on. Most of you are probably wondering why I have decided to make this a focus in my life. Part of the reason stems from how I grew up and spending a lot of time focusing on all the negative things in life. When I was in undergrad at Cal Poly I happen to take a course in positive psychology which open up a whole new world for me. Yes, it may seem strange that it took me all that time to realize how powerful our minds are, but it really opened up my eyes.

Once I knew how much our thoughts affect our feelings and our day-to-day lives, I was able to start working on myself. I first started by keeping a positive/gratefulness journal. Some of you are probably wondering what the heck I actually mean by that. Well, what I did with this journal was no matter what day I had at the end of my day I would come home, get comfy, and write down at least three positive things about my day or three things that I was grateful for in my day. Here’s an example of what that might look like:

Now, I know you’re thinking good food? Foggy mornings? Well, yes those are things that I am truly grateful for. There are so many people that do not have good food to eat, or don’t get to simply enjoy the mornings. I am so grateful to live a life where I can enjoy those things. When writing in your journal, it can literally be anything that brings you joy, brings a smile to your face, it can be something someone said, it can be your dog, it can be anything!!!! That’s the beauty of it. There are so many things in our life that we have to be grateful for, and yet we often miss those things because we are so caught up in the negativity of our day.

There may be days where you forget to do it, or you’re too busy, or you literally can’t think of anything positive. That’s okay! This is a process and it’s going to take time to change your mindset, to change your daily routine. The whole point is for you just to be able to do it even every other day. It’s a new habit that you were trying to form so it’s going to take time. Don’t be hard on yourself.

With all that being said, I would love for you all to try this and just see how it goes. I am also interested to hear if anyone has already been doing this and how it has helped change your mindset. I’m all about encouraging one another to learn and grow!


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