The Coffee Express

Goodmorning everyone!!

This morning I woke up at 8am to the sound of hammers hitting nails and drilling in my apartment complex. Apparently the best time to do that is at 8am in the morning right? Anyway, besides for the minor annoyance, this morning has been good so far. The sun and blue sky is starting to peek through the fog, I have a beautiful view, and there is slightly cold breeze. 🙂

On top of the gorgeous view, I am getting to sit here and write while I sip a nice hot cup of coffee! What could be better? It is the perfect way to start my morning.

This morning on my Instagram and Facebook I posted a Gratefulness Challenge to help us get into a positive mindset first thing in the morning. So I’d like to throw that challenge out to you. You can either post on Instagram, Facebook, or write a blog about something you are grateful for and tag me in it. As for me, today I am especially grateful for my dog. She is always by my side and brings such joy! I am also grateful for being able to try this new hobby and express myself. What are you grateful for? Remember, it can be that you are grateful for your breakfast, coffee, a place to live, running water, the sun, etc. When I first started thinking of things I was grateful for I always thought of the big things, and it can be those too, but what really helped me was finding the little things. I challenge you to do that. To see more on how to build your positive thinking you can visit my Getting into the Positive Mindset blog. 🙂

Well, it seems as if all of my coffee has disappeared. There must be “a hole in my coffee cup” as one of my friends always says. Haha.

I hope you all will think of something positive today! Don’t forget to post and tag me! 🙂

Have a great day!



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