Day 1 of the 24 Day Ab Challenge

Since I am starting to get into this healthy lifestyle craze, I decided to accept a 24 day ab challenge! I ran across this ab challenge on Pinterest: 

Crunches, leg raises, and planks oh my!! I have never done leg raises until today, and planks have always been the death of me. Haha. However, day 1 wasn’t bad at all because it was a simple 5 crunches, 5 leg raises, and 10 seconds plank. I know it will get a lot harder as time goes on, but as they always say, “No pain, no gain.”

Benefits of a Strong Core according to are:

1. Helps us attain good posture

2. Helps with sports

3. Promotes balance and stability 

4. Strengthens bones

and much more!
I want to complete this ab challenge not only for myself, but to ecourage you to do it with me! I want us to try this one out and see what we think about the results. I plan to write a short post daily on how it’s going on my end and would love to hear from you. You can do it!!! Put some music on and rock it! 

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