Benefits of Eating Almonds

I have always heard that Almonds are very nutritional. I remember my mom telling me “eating three almonds a day will keep the doctor away.” Who knows if that’s actually true, but it stuck with me. I decided to look up some nutritional facts about almonds and here are just some of the facts that I found from the website

  • Raw almonds and almond oil is considered most effective for the brain. Having a few almonds everyday helps in improving memory and concentration, especially in children. It is also believed to make children sharp and active.
  • Almonds help in maintaining proper levels of cholesterol by increasing the level of HDL and decreasing the level of LDL. This helps in prevention of a majority of heart diseases.
  • Benefits of almonds for skin are particularly popular. Including almonds in the diet helps in having a supple skin. On the other hand, applying almond oil directly on the skin also helps in having a smooth and healthy skin.
  • Sweet almond oil benefits also include treatment and prevention of dry and cracked skin. This oil is also popularly applied to baby’s skin.
  • The mono saturated fats found in almonds are good for heart health. The mono saturated fats along with antioxidants also help in prevention of heart diseases.
  • One of the other almonds health benefits is that it helps in maintaining a proper blood pressure and indirectly helps in prevention of diseases caused due to high blood pressure.
  • Almonds contain folic acid, which is one of the most important nutrient to prevent birth defect in pregnancy. Benefits of almonds during pregnancy also include its use in the treatment of constipation, which is commonly seen during pregnancy.
  • The organic almond milk contain less amounts of calories and hence, can be consumed by people on a diet. Almond milk is also claimed to help in quick weight loss.
  • There are also several benefits of almond oil for hair. It is used to treat dryness of hair and prevent it from being coarse and thereby, it stops hair fall.
  • Lastly, benefits of soaking almonds in water also include its use in the prevention of cancer, diabetes, inflammation and stomach disorders.

Sounds pretty good right? Looks like I will be eating at least three almonds a day 😉

Healthy Eating Everyone! 🙂


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