How to make a no sew fleece blanket

Hello friends! Today I wanted to show you how you can make a no sew fleece blanket. 

What you will need:

-2 yards color fleece

-2 yards pattern fleece

-Fabric scissors

Step 1: lay out color fleece and flatten

Step 2: lay pattern fleece evenly on top of colored fleece

Step 3: cut off any extra fabric you don’t want

Step 4: at each corner cut out a 4×4 square

Step 5: start cutting 1-2 inch sections about 4 inches in. 1.5 inches thick worked best for me. 

Step 6: start tying each strip together tightly. Color to pattern. Do this all the way around until completely finished. 

Step 7: Congratulations! You have now made your very own fleece blanket! 

I’m 5’3 and this blanket is the perfect size for me! If you are making it for someone much taller I would get more than 2 yards of fleece 🙂 

Hope this tutorial was helpful! 


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