I Couldn’t Believe It When…

Around 2pm yesterday I took my adorable puppy Cali to the vet to get her annual Bordetella shot. Anyone who has a animal knows that the doctor always does a check up on the dog and my dog gets extremely nervous. To the point where you poops….Well, funny story to tell you all, and also kind of gross, so don’t eat while reading this!

Fast forward 4 hours…

My boyfriend and I decided to go on a date night and went to a semi-nice place to eat. We get to our table and I pull out my sunglasses case to put my sunglasses away and I started smelling something repulsive. When I looked down I noticed there was something brown on my case. As my mind continued to race to figure out if I had set it down in leftover food on the table, I soon came to realize it was not food I was smelling. It was something worse…significantly worse…

I couldn’t believe it when I looked down into my purse and saw it there…laying there…smashed…stinky….and brown…yes, it was a piece of poop! I thought to myself, “WHAT THE HELL!?!” Apparently, when I was trying to hold Cali on the counter at the vet she managed to poop and it fell off the side and landed right into my open purse!!!! I immediately felt HORRIFIED and basically ran to the bathroom to take care of business. I got everything taken care of, but wow…what an interesting thing that was to find. I can now laugh about the matter, but at the moment I was absolutely grossed out and so upset that I had poop inside my purse. I mean, come on Cali!!

Ladies, if you learned anything from this blog, remember to always zip up or close your purse wherever you go! Apparently anything can happen! Haha!

Anyway, I thought I would share this funny and bizarre moment with you all. I’d love to hear some of your stories of anything weird that has happened that you can now laugh about. Please comment and share! 🙂


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