Managing Anxiety

Hello my fellow readers!

I wanted to share with you one technique I have used to cope with my anxiety. I worked in the mental health field for about 2 years and led a lot of support groups where we talked about free writing and how it can help reduce anxiety.

Free writing is just one technique that can help with reducing anxiety. What this might look like for example, is sitting down for about 10-15 minutes daily (or whenever you are feeling anxious) and just writing whatever comes to mind. The key is to not worry about making complete sentences or making it flow. You can even do bullet points. The point is to just write until your time is complete or until you run out of things to write about, whichever works best for you.

This page might look like something like:

Free Writing to Reduce My Anxiety

_Today I am feeling anxious because I was late to work. I didn’t feel like I was able to accomplish all the tasks I needed to get done in the day. 

I have found that if I actually take the time to do free writing everyday I feel a lot better. I have practiced doing it on my own and even in my therapy sessions and have had a lot of success. One thing you can also try is writing out how you are feeling and then read it out loud. Sometimes taking the time to express it in multiple ways can really help you cope. Another thing you can do is complete the free writing exercise and then make some bullet points on how you can cope with whatever is making you feel anxious. This is a way to get out the negative, but also focus on the positive and how you plan on moving forward.

I just want to encourage everyone who may be experiencing anxiety to not give up. As someone who personally struggles with a lot of anxiety, I know it isn’t easy. Thankfully we are not alone. There are several people that struggle with anxiety, and it is nice to know that we are all here to help each other through it!

Questions for you:

  1. How do you usually manage your anxiety?

  2. Have you tried free writing before? Did it work for you?

  3. Do you have any other techniques you have used that help you manage your anxiety?

Please share in the comments section! I would love to hear from you! 🙂 


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