Walkin & Talkin & Donuts Oh My!

What a wonderful evening I have had…

For starters, today was such a beautiful day. The weather was warm, which I usually don’t prefer, but the sky was crystal clear and was just gorgeous. Right now I am getting ready to move and it has been such a blessing to enjoy whatever I can.

This evening I went for a walk with one of my closest friends and just talked about life. We talked about friends, family, boys (tee he), work, personal life, and more. Having a friend who you can do things with is so important. I used to be a really outgoing, social person, and still am sometimes, but now I tend to isolate and keep to myself a lot of the time. Some of that is from dealing with a lot of heavy stuff going on right now in my life, but some of it is just me changing. My point is that I am grateful for her and her willingness to not give up on me.

Okay, now that I’ve got some of the sappy stuff out of the way I can talk about our walk to the DONUT store. Yes, we exercised so we could go eat donuts. Haha! Hey, I know we aren’t the only ones who have done that so don’t judge! Anyway, we enjoyed a wonderful pink sprinkled donut and donut holes! So worth! They were quite delicious! While we were there we admired the flyers that were posted on their bulletin boards and then even laughed at a couple. After we stuffed our bellies full of donuts, we started our journey back to my apartment. So, for all those judge’s out there, we walked it off afterwards! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I had a lot of fun walkin, talkin, and eating donuts! So blessed for this girls support, encouragement, and love that she has given me. Thank you for a fun time miss lady! โค #friendshipgoals


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