What If…?

First off, I want to thank you so much for being a part of this experience. Without followers reading, sharing, and encouraging me, there wouldn’t be any reason to blog. I blog because I enjoy sharing my life, thoughts, and love with others. I enjoy getting to connect with you all about life, and talk about random and fun things. 

Right before I started blogging, I immediately questioned myself and hesitated. I wasn’t sure what I was going to focus on, or how I was going to engage with others. Around that time I ran across this quote and it really shocked me given what I was thinking about. It changed the way I was thinking about my website and blog, and gave me the courage to move forward. It is much better to have an oops than what if. If I hadn’t tried this, I would’ve never known how much joy it was going to bring me. I would much rather have the opportunity to try something than to always regret that I didn’t.

So what if you tried something new today? What would it take for you to take that next step to try something new? What are your fears? What would it do for you if you tried it? These are just a few questions I’d like you to ask yourself. I want to encourage to encourage any of you who are wanting to try something new to do it! Life is so short so why not try something new that brings you joy?

I’d love to hear how you answered those questions above. If you feel comfortable, please leave me a comment! I would like to continue to encourage you through your journey of trying something new. 


Cayla ❤


3 thoughts on “What If…?

  1. Thank you for sharing a positive message and reminder, it really is OK to have “OOPS” I think that those are the moments that we learn the most. Success is way more fun however short lived. Great post Cayla.

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  2. Thank you Cayla for sharing that sentiment. Upon reading this, I realized that is how I’ve lived my life. There have, quite often been a oops, yet I would not change it for the world!


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