Count Your Blessings

Counting blessings instead of sheep…how great is this quote? Bing Crosby..what a guy. How many of you count your blessings, or think about what you are grateful for before going to sleep? I can honestly say I don’t always do this…Most of the time I am stuck tossing and turning at the anxious thoughts that refuse to leave my mind. I think about what happened in the day, all the things I still have to do this week, what’s coming up next, and all the negative things going on in my life. Now, that is obviously not going to help me, or anyone else, get to sleep is it? This is why I love this quote, because it can help us practice getting into that positive mindset that I am always rambling on about. If we can take time each night to think about the blessings we have in our lives rather than the negative things that happen, we will go to sleep feeling much more relaxed and obviously happier. Let’s practice doing this together starting tonight!

Night one: I feel very blessed to have you all following my blogs and encouraging me everyday!

Good night!


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