What Is A Craving?

What is a craving? It’s “a powerful desire for something.” Hmm..what do I crave?

When I look back at the last few years of my life, I realize I haven’t spent enough time looking at what I crave, or desire. I have been so wrapped up in what other people want that I have ignored my own desires. For the last couple of months I thought about what would make me happy, and what I was craving in my life. One of the things that came up was blogging and making a website, but I never did anything with it, until now. I finally decided I was done with just craving these things that would bring me joy, I wanted them to actually happen. So here I am, making it happen.

There are so many other things I crave in my life that I want to make happen. For example, I want to be successful in whatever I end up doing career wise. I want to be loved by someone who will never take me for granted. I want to let go of all my wounds and anger from the people who have hurt me so that I can live my life feeling joyful. I know all these things will come in time!

What are you craving in your life? What is going to take to put it into action?

Hope you all have a great day!



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