Sunday Funday

Happy Sunday everyone! I meant to write earlier this week, and earlier this morning but have just been so busy!

This morning I rolled out of bed to get ready for church. Thankfully my church has a service at 11:30am, which is the perfect time for me. After I attended the service, they had a get together called Group Link at the church. Group Link is a time where you can check out all the different groups that are offered. This was similar to speed dating where we went to different tables and got to know the leaders of the groups to see which group would work best. I get very anxious in situations like this, so thankfully I had my friend Melanie to stick to like glue. haha. We found a women’s group and a young adults group that we really liked. I am excited to be a part of something and get to know new people. It should be fun.

After church I went out with my sister and friend. We went to take her dog for a bath and then walked around the Wharf for a little while. It was nice to just get out and enjoy the beautiful day.

My 16 year old brother got his license a couple weeks ago and today he got his new truck. It is an exciting time, but also very SCARY! haha. Having both my younger siblings driving is so scary, but I just have to pray that God keeps them both safe.

This evening I have just been sitting with my sister and chatting away. We have been brainstorming ideas for some new YouTube videos. I am excited to get those started 😉 I think I am going to go find something to eat now. My stomach is starting to get mad at me. I hope you all had a great Sunday! ❤



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