Spark-A Women’s Event

Tonight at my church we had a women’s worship night called Spark. It was honestly so amazing. 

The event started by us worshiping to a couple songs that were fairly new to me, but I liked them. One of the songs was called “God With Us” by Jesus Culture. It is now one of my new favorite songs. We talked about surrender and what it means to surrender to God. It was exactly what I needed to hear while going through all these changes in my life. I have to remember that God is with me and for me, and he has a plan for my life. I just need to trust him completely and let go of my need to control my life. 

So grateful for the wonderful message I got to hear tonight. It was wonderful to be around so many women who have gone through struggles just like me, and see that they have continued to push forward. How amazing God is to put us all there together to worship. A huge thank you to the women who so courageously shared their stories, and for all the people who set up this event. It was so wonderful!

Thank you Lord for this great night and for the grace and love you show me. Bless all those who are reading this right now. 



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