My Visit To El Capitan State Beach

Hey there! Last weekend I was lucky enough to get to camp at El Capitan State Beach. I have driven past it several times, but have never gone. It was my friend Brianna’s birthday weekend so she invited all of us to come camping with her. How sweet right!?

We arrived right before dark and were able to see this beautiful sunset on the beach.

Here’s a photo of us together right before the sun was completely gone. It was very peaceful. There are campsites there that are actually right along the water where you can see the ocean and hear the waves. Very pretty.

After we walked back to our campsite, we started preparing for our group dinner. We chopped up some potatoes and other veggies to cook, and got some hamburgers on the grill. They were delicious. After we finished eating dinner we had some pie and smores by a warm fire.

The next day we all got up and took a couple other photos together for memories and were on our way.

I would definitely recommend this campsite to others. It was a good size campsite with lots of space and even had a regular bathroom with showers! So for those of you who hate porter potties like me, you are in good hands at this site. I am very happy we were all able to get together and enjoy camping. It’s always nice to get away from our regular, busy lives to calm down and just be in nature.

When was the last time you went camping?


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