In Flight

Hi guys! 

So I’m currently millions of miles in the air flying from Charlotte, North Carolina to Tallahassee, Florida. It’s 11:15pm here and 8:15pm back home. Now, flying isn’t my favorite thing to do by any means, but it is worth it to get to some amazing destinations. 

I remember when I was younger I always said that I was never going to fly. I would tell my mom I was driving or I guess I wouldn’t get to go anywhere. Haha! Well, we can all see that didn’t work out. I have flown several times now but still am terrified to be in the air. Which is why writing this blog is a great distraction! 

One thing I really do love about flying is the beautiful view out the windows. It’s amazing to look down on the city and mountains and see what surrounds you. And my favorite part is when you fly above the clouds. It’s so beautiful and amazing to see what it looks like above the clouds. Looks like heaven. Here’s a view of Charlotte tonight as we took off: 

Well, I thinks that’s all for now. I just wanted to share a little about my travels so far with you! More to come! 😉 


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