Monday Morning Thoughts

This morning I woke up feeling so thankful to have the opportunity to work from home today. Right now I am a Transaction Coordinator for a local Realtor and I get to manage the files from anywhere, as long as I have internet that is. It would be amazing to be able to work from home everyday. I absolutely love being able to grab my coffee, wrap up in my robe, and hop on my laptop. I always open my window because I love seeing how the sun shines in and how the birds sing and chirp together. It’s just so relaxing.

I love to write, and although I may not be that great at it, I still love to it. My dream would be to be a writer and forever be able to work from wherever I want to. Maybe it’s in my own room, or while I’m sitting on my backyard’s swing, or maybe even while sitting in a coffee shop listening to the calming soundtracks they always have on. One thing I know is that nothing is impossible. Life has thrown me for so many loops in the last 2 years, and it has shown me that you can never plan for what is going to happen. Good or bad.

I have started a couple small stories, as well as a couple of screenplays. I find screenplays a little easier, mostly because you can be pretty blunt and not so creative in your writing. Not that I am not creative, but sometimes I have a difficult time with making my writing flow. What I wanted to know from all of you is what type of story would you like to see written? I need some ideas!

Hope you all have a good day!


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