What do you see?

When you look at me, what do you see?

I can tell you one thing,

You don’t see past the fake smile.

You don’t hear the hurt in my voice.

You don’t see the tears that run down my face.

You don’t see the pain.

You don’t see me crying out to God every night asking for help.

You don’t see the traumatic events I’ve been through.

And you don’t see the depression inside that’s suffocating my lungs making it hard to breathe.

You don’t see.

But you know what you will see?

You will see the determination I have inside my soul to survive.

You will see my perseverance.

You will see me overcome my fears.

You will see me accomplish my goals.

You will see me love fiercely.

You will see the strong woman I have become.

And you will see me conquer my depression.

You will see.


©2018 Cayla Hensley


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