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Hello September 

I am a couple days late with posting something about September…but yay it’s here! I am so excited that it’s starting to get into the fall season, it’s my favorite season of the year. It will be even better when it starts to get cooler! I thought this was such a cute graphic that I ...

What An Eventful Day

Today was quite the eventful day. It started out by waking up to enjoy a wonderful cup of coffee in the cutest little mug! Afterwards, I got ready for the day and went to meet one of my best friends Brianna for lunch. We went to a cute 50’s place called Busy Bee Cafe where ...


Saturday Night Bonfire

Tonight was family night in my household. My step-dad made us all yummy tacos for dinner, and afterwards he started up the fire pit so we could have a bonfire! It has been so long since I have had a bonfire, and let’s be real here…the best part was the s’mores! It was funny to ...


Morning Coffee Time

I slept in way too late this morning, but I have to admit it was pretty nice. Right now I am enjoying a nice hot cup of hazelnut coffee with my doggie by my side. It’s a beautiful start to the day. How’s your morning/day going so far?? I hope it’s going well! 🙂  Cayla



Hello friends! A couple weeks ago I posted a poll on Google + asking what topic people would want me to write about. Mediation and Managing Anxiety are currently in a tie. I have touched on anxiety a couple of times, so I figured I would talk about meditation tonight. When I have meditated it ...


Coping with Anxiety Quotes

Check out this video I made that’s full of encouraging quotes for coping with anxiety:


Reducing My Anxiety

Hey friends, Right now it’s 1am and in all honesty I wanted to write to you in order to reduce my stress levels. Haha. It has been a pretty stressful night for me, mostly because I am bummed about the way some things have ended up for me. However, I wanted to share this with ...


Fearlessly Made

Good afternoon everyone! I have spent so many years trying to figure out what would make me happy, and finding it hasn’t always come easy. Lately, I have been finding so much joy in blogging, making podcasts, and connecting with all of you. I challenge you to think about what makes you happy and sets ...


Quote Of The Night-Jill Blakeway

A quote to close out your day with:  “No storm lasts forever, the sunshine always returns.” -Jill Blakeway Know that no matter what is going on in your life right now that it will not last forever. Happiness can and will return. Nothing is permanent in our lives, and things are always changing. Believe in ...


Count Your Blessings

Counting blessings instead of sheep…how great is this quote? Bing Crosby..what a guy. How many of you count your blessings, or think about what you are grateful for before going to sleep? I can honestly say I don’t always do this…Most of the time I am stuck tossing and turning at the anxious thoughts that ...