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Scary Movie Night

Good evening my friends! How are you!?! I hope you had a wonderful Saturday. Today I was super groggy and pretty much just rested the entire day. I found myself watching tons of Netflix, which was actually nice for a change. I watched Gossip Girl, The Office and a couple of movies. Do you like ...


Ventura Beach Time Lapse

Ventura Beach-Time Lapse Hey there! Here is a time lapse at Ventura Beach just before sunset. It was such a beautiful evening and it amazes at the beauty that God provides. Next time I am definitely going to catch the entire sunset!! Can’t wait!


Getting To Know Me

Hi my friends! I am sorry I haven’t written as much in the last week or so, I have been so busy trying to get my business up and going. I appreciate your patience! Today I went ahead and created an introductory YouTube video so you could get to know me a little better. Feel ...


Morro Bay, CA

We were beyond blessed to visit Morro Bay this weekend when it was clear! Usually the fog rolls in so thick that you can’t even see the rock. This was our last visit to Morro Bay for awhile, so we were so excited to get this gorgeous view. I have to give credit to my ...


Dog Barks at PS4 Game on TV

My dog Cali isn’t fan of the Star Wars game, haha!