My Dog Cracks Me Up



The Cross

I meant to share this last night. I posted a new short video to YouTube. I visited the cross in Ventura yesterday and it was an absolutely gorgeous sight. God continues to give me reasons to feel blessed, even in such a difficult time. Hope you enjoy!  



Sorry it’s so late, but I can’t sleep even though I am completely exhausted. I’m also sorry that I have been so absent in the last month or so. There has been a lot of family stuff going on and a recent loss that has been really hard on me. Tonight I am feeling unsettled, and ...

Coping With Grief Quote

Helpful quote for dealing with grief. 

Romans 8:28

Hi friends. Sorry I haven’t written in a long time. My family has been going through a very tough time. I will write more later. For now, here is a verse that is close to my heart. 

My Top 5 Hallmark Movies

Hi friends. Today I am at home sick for the second day in a row, and I have been watching Hallmark Christmas movies nonstop with my puppy. I absolutely love them. They all are such good, sweet stories. I look forward to them every Christmas. How about you, do you enjoy watching Hallmark movies?  Here ...


14 Memorable Christmas Countdown Ideas

Hi Folks! We are on the 9th day of December already! Christmas is getting closer and closer as we speak. Right now I am sitting in my hotel in Florida waiting for my boyfriend to get back from a run, so I decided to look up some fun Christmas countdown ideas. I found this pin ...

In Flight

Hi guys!  So I’m currently millions of miles in the air flying from Charlotte, North Carolina to Tallahassee, Florida. It’s 11:15pm here and 8:15pm back home. Now, flying isn’t my favorite thing to do by any means, but it is worth it to get to some amazing destinations.  I remember when I was younger I ...

Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony

Wow I am loving this cold weather! Aren’t you!? A couple nights ago I was lucky enough to go with my family to our downtown Christmas tree lighting ceremony. My boyfriend and I arrived significantly early, so we decided to go into a cute little coffee shop and get something warm to drink. I enjoyed ...

Christmas Soundtrack

Can’t believe it is already time to break out the Christmas music! Tomorrow is December! Wow! Anyway, my main reason for this blog is to let you know of a great Christmas radio station I found on Pandora called “Frank Sinatra (Holiday) radio station.” I absolutely love this station because I am obsessed with Frank ...

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